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Sierra Express Band




Andy Miller


Lead Guitar / Lead and Backing Vocals

Coming from a small town in Eastern California, the opportunity to participate in a band was slim. However, my mother insisted on piano lessons for my two older sisters and myself. So at the age six, I began learning to read music and play the piano. After six or seven years of lessons, I shifted my attention to bare-back horses, but later picked up music again before I began college. While attending Central Wyoming College, I took a beginning level guitar class, and with a lot of help from the other guitar players in the band, have been continuously learning ever since. After a six month trip of chasing rodeos in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, I settled down in Reno to finish my education and graduate with a degree in Rangeland Management from University of Nevada, Reno. Throughout the changes, "Sierra Express Band" has not only taught me how to be a better musician, but has also given me the treasured opportunity to play with some really good friends every week.

David Butler


Drums / Lead and Backing Vocals

I grew up in Roseburg, OR. I started my musical career playing the clarinet in the 5th grade. I later switched to percussion which I enjoyed much more, especially in High School playing in the marching band. I joined the Air Force and went to Florida in the late 70’s where I joined a musical theatre group called "The MacDill Repertory Company". I was in the Company through two productions. After leaving Florida I moved back to the Oregon coast where I joined a band called “Pacific Blues”. I played with Pacific Blues for about a year and then joined “The Gold Coasters” which only lasted a few months. One of the guitar players and I decided to start our own band called “Easy River” which we later changed to “Bits & Pieces”. We played together for several years but I decided I needed a change and a regular job so I moved to Reno, NV and gave up playing for a few years. After discovering karaoke at a local bar I got hooked on music and got an itch to start playing again. A few friends wanted to start a band so I bought a new set of drums and some PA equipment and we started practicing in my garage. After going through several changes over the years we have finally settled on what we now call "Sierra Express Band". 

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Kelly Dean


Bass Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Lead and Backing Vocals

I was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon. As a teenager in the seventies I was attracted to the bright lights and music of the dance clubs. After becoming friends with the owner of a dance club, he decided to give me a shot as a DJ. I had a successful run and was voted the Top Dance Club DJ in the area. I then got a part time job working for the local pop radio station doing weekends and remote broadcasts. The dance club and the radio station were both closed due to economic struggles in the early 80's and I made my way to Reno. After a brief time of working in the casinos, I landed at a 'teenage' dance club where I once again put myself behind the music. From there I have dabbled as a DJ and a Karaoke KJ and singer for several years. While helping out a friend put background vocals to his music, someone handed me a Bass Guitar. I have been playing and singing since. When some friends decided to put together a band, I jumped at the opportunity. After a few member changes and music modifications, we are proud to call ourselves "Sierra Express Band".

Yvon Weaver


Keyboards / Rhythm Guitar /  Lead and Backing Vocals

I began my music career at the ripe old age of 6, playing an old alto saxophone in the Shasta Elementary school band. Shortly thereafter, my parents strapped an accordion to me and it went down hill fast from there. I had to redeem myself by learning to play piano. In July 1991, I left Reno for the big city of Los Angeles. I returned to Reno after a 10 year gig with the William Morris Agency and Universal Studios, Sound Dept. During my absence from Nevada, I was fortunate enough to record back-up vocals for groups in and around the LA area. I have always loved the magic of music and consider it an honor to play with talented musicians that I am proud to call my friends.  Rock-on.