This page is dedicated to the memory of Hope.


Several years ago when we first started our little band in my garage a little old lady that lives up the street would walk by and stop at the end of the driveway and watch us play.

After this got to be a regular occurrence we finally got her to come up into the garage where we would set up a chair for her so she could sit and watch.

We finally found out that her name was Hope, she was in her 80's and she walked everyday to keep up her health. At one point for a number of reasons we quit playing in the garage and moved into the house so we invited her to come into the house whenever she wanted to come over and watch. The band went through several changes during this period but we could always count on Hope coming over to watch and she always brought us cookies.

Her favorite song was what she called "Cornbread and Chicken" which was actually the Alan Jackson song "Where I Come From". We learned the song and played it for her anytime she came over. She would dance and clap and just have a great time listening to us play. Even when we were working on a new song and playing the same thing over and over and over she would still dance and have a good time.

She never got to actually see us perform anywhere since most of the time it was in a bar or club late at night. She said that was past her bedtime and she wouldn't be able to go but we always invited her and even offered a ride but she couldn't stay up that late.

On Sept. 22, 2003 Hope passed away. Goodbye Hope. We are all going to miss your smiling face and your laughing and dancing to our music.